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Wrinkles and puffiness, a thing of the past !

Aging beautifully, it is something we all desire. Synchronization between your inner age and your appearance on the outside play a very important role in how you live your life. Sadly, as you age mother nature sometimes just seems to abandon you ...

You slowly start to develop certain features in your face that are not pleasing. A drooping mouth, deep frowns and puffiness and wrinkles on the face make for a very different picture compared to how you view yourself in the mirror. You still feel youthful, vigorous and full of life but you radiate this less and less.

Medical Specialist Edward J. Pasman can advise you with the latest findings in cosmetic medicine and treatment to regain that young, healthy glow. Get in touch with us today for a free cosmetic consultation in our clinic in Loenen aan de Vecht.

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