Dr. E.J. Pasman

Doctor Edward J. Pasman

Due to his background as a medical specialist in trauma anaesthesiology, doctor Pasman has always been highly involved in both the care and recovery of a patient. Because of his various injection techniques but also because of his detailed knowledge of the human body, he is considered a highly experienced medical specialist who always wants to achieve the optimal results.

By combining his work in a large hospital with his work in cosmetic medicine, patients can be provided with the best possible medical treatment. In our clinic Dr. Pasman's personal and warm approach allow you to feel more a guest than a patient.

After having received additional training at the leading cosmetic training clinic in Amsterdam, Edward has also worked with the best in the field internationally. In London, England he trained under the famous cosmetic specialist Kate Goldie, but he has also received personal training from the number one in the world of cosmetic surgery, Brazilian plastic surgeon Mauricio de Maio. This knowledge and expertise, considered state of the art in cosmetic medicine today, is used in the clinic of Pasman Esthetics.

Your aesthetic wish is therefore in safe hands.

  • BIG registration number: 99046061601

Dr. E.J. Pasman    Dr. Pasman during consult