At Pasman Esthetics all employees have received the relevant training and possess the necessary registrations and qualifications. The knowledge and skills of all employees is continuously kept up to date by further training and clinical classes. The medical specialists at the clinic are kept informed of the latest developments in their field by attending national and international conferences, workshops and specific trainings.

Drs. Edward J. Pasman (MD), owner and consultant

Since 2005, Dr Pasman has been enrolled in the register for medical specialists as an anesthesiologist. He has focused on the field of trauma anesthesiology and has thus earned his mark both nationally and internationally. Within the field of anesthesiology, injecting people takes a prominent place. In case there is a problem in the hospital with injections then eventually the anesthesiologist is called in.

Being a highly trained injector, the connection with cosmetic medicine was made. After a thorough 'injectables' training in Amsterdam, Dr Pasman's cosmetic training continued mainly in foreign countries under the auspices of internationally renowned cosmetic specialists.

Furthermore, Edward is a dedicated teacher within the sector of injectables; in the field of anesthesiology pain medicine he is frequently asked to be involved in the Botuline-A-Neuromodulation therapy in patients with certain chronic pain problems.