Our Practice

Our Clinic

Pasman Esthetics is located in Loenen aan de Vecht and is easily accessible by both public transport or by car. There is ample free parking available in front of the clinic.

Quality in practice

We strive for systematic and structural quality. In the clinic all treatment facilities, materials and resources meet with the strict requirements of the Dutch health inspection. The working process is described in protocols to ensure you receive the same care you expect from hospitals in the Netherlands. But quality is apparent in other aspects as well. You will be given expert, realistic advice about the treatment and the expected result. We will also take plenty of time during a consultation. You will be explained the fundamentals of the natural aging process and in particular how Pasman Esthetics can restore and improve upon this. Alternative treatment is also discussed, allowing you to choose a treatment that suits you best.

Pasman Esthetics aims to reduce medical risks to a minimum. Safe treatment is pursued by combining professional practices with the latest guidelines from the government and the medical profession.

Professions individual healthcare act

The BIG Act establishes rules within the healthcare profession and aims to promote the quality of professional practice and to monitor and protect clients against improper and careless handling by professionals. For this purpose safeguards in the law are recognized such as title protection, registration, competence scheme, reserved procedures and disciplinary action. Naturally, our doctors are registered within this law.

Law on Medical Treatment Agreement

The Law on Medical Treatment Agreement regulates a number of rights and obligations of the client and the doctor. The right to information about a treatment is one of the most important. The doctor is obliged to inform you about the type of treatment, the possible risks, alternative treatments an the expected result(s). Last but not least, he discusses the precepts of treatment with you. Also described in this law is the right to access your medical record, the necessary authorization for the treatment and the right to privacy and confidentiality.

Privacy Policy

Pasman Esthetics respects the privacy of all clients. We treat the personal information you provide us with strict confidentiality. When you visit our clinic or visit our website you can register your data in various ways, such as via your medical file or via the completed contact form. We use this data solely for personal use and / or for transmitting the information requested by you. We never provide your information to third parties.

Pasman Esthetics finds your safety and the quality of care delivered to you highly important. In case you have an idea of how our services can be improved, please let us know. We consider the trust you have placed in our company very valuable and we will at all time act accordingly.