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Treatments of bottom face with Botox®, Bocouture® and / or a Filler

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Smoker's Lines (1)

Lipstick lines, Smoker's lines, vertical lip lines, call it what you will, lip lines are one of the signs of aging you'd rather not get to experience. One of the underlying causes is the frequent use of your lips! Every time you talk, you spout your lips by drinking thru a straw or when you whistle a song, folds in the skin appear. Because of the many repetitions of this muscle movement many small lines and / or wrinkles around the mouth start to appear. These lines become earlier and more clearly evident in many persons who smoke. Furthermore, smoking dehydrates the skin, it accelerates the formation of wrinkles and it affects the color of the skin.

Another cause of the appearance of upper lip-lines, is the loss of the upper lip-volume during aging. As you age the skin loses collagen and elastin. These are the components that provide a full and smooth skin. At the same time the fat deposits in your lips reduce, making lines and wrinkles become increasingly visible. As your age progresses your skin is getting thinner and new wrinkles are not being smoothed out anymore.

A good means of eliminating the vertical lines is to replace the volume, which has been lost in the course of time, with a hyaluronic acid filler. You will see your upper lip turn back to it's youthful appearance in only a short time. Should a hyaluronic acid filler disappear faster than average, for example due to increased muscle use, a second instance can be injected to mitigate the increased mouth muscle activity. A botulinum-A-neuromodulator (Botox®, Bocouture®) ensures that your mouth muscle attracts less hard but can still be used normally. The hyaluronic acid filler is thus degraded less quickly and you retain your lip volume for an extended period of time. You will be amazed by the beautiful result.

Lip lines (2) & Lip Volume Loss (3)

These days, your lips have become a very important part of your appearance. Just look at the amount of selfies where showing off ones lips has been elevated to an artform. Full and expressive lips are a beauty-ideal which many dream of. It's an aesthetic treatment with a strong growth in demand. Beautiful lips is something we all want. But after your thirtieth year the lip changes contour and definition. The lips are smaller, flatter and lose their firmness. In particular, the upper lip is visibly narrower and curls up towards the inside of the mouth. The lower lip begins to sag by down to below the lip-edge due to the force of gravity. This makes for a less sharp definition of your lips. When you desire an increased filling of the lips, the ratio of the upper lip to the bottom lip is very important. Here, injecting becomes more an art form than a medical procedure.

At Pasman Esthetics we look at every small detail, as we try to shape the lips artistically. For clients who do not wish voluptuous lips, subtle changes of the horizontal lip line and philtrum (the two borders between the nostril and lip) make for a great result. These accents provide a recovery of lip definition without it being noticeable that you have received a treatment.

A botulinum-A-neuromodulator (Botox®, Bocouture®) can be used to accent the edges of the lips slightly and to have these edges appear to roll to the outside. This provides extra definition for the lip and even thin lips can appear more attractive.

Drooping corners of the mouth (4)

Drooping corners of the mouth are synonymous with an unkind or dissatisfied appearance. It makes for the face to appear harder and above all a lot older. As you age the area around the corners of the mouth start to droop more and more. The cause: loss of volume in the face and / or the often involuntary tightening of the mouth muscle. In the latter case, even young people can suffer from this. The good news is that, depending on the cause, various solutions or combinations of treatments are possible to correct the problem. Often a small treatment will have an improving effect on your appearance.

Drooping corners of the mouth by muscular action

When the drooping corners of the mouth are caused by the muscle that pulls the corner of the mouth down, muscle activity can be reduced by injecting a botulinum-A-neuromodulator (Botox®, Bocouture®). The neuromodulator is not injected into the mouth itself, but rather into the muscle slightly lower on the chin. This makes the muscle in the corner of the mouth relax and the mouth corners are being lifted as a result.

Drooping corners of the mouth by volume loss

More often than not drooping corners of the mouth are caused by loss of volume in the face, the disappearance of fat in the deeper skin layers and the decrease of supporting connective tissue. Gravity adds to this process. The lips start to fold inward and the corners of the mouth start to disappear. The entire volume of the mouth becomes smaller. In case of volume loss the most effective treatment is a filler treatment with hyaluronic acid or with Radiesse. On occasion this treatment can be combined with a lip filler treatment.

At Pasman Esthetics, it is our experience that a combination therapy containing a neuromodulator and a filler provide the best results.

Jawline (5)

The aging process of the jaw has many gradations. This is partly caused by the sagging tissue and fat from the cheekbone and the cheek. The unevenness may also be due to reduction of bone tissue that is due to your natural facial aging or in some cases if you wear dentures. Unfortunately, the skin does not shrink with the surrounding bone structure, making it too big and saggy. At three locations connective tissues (ligaments) provide a connection between skin and bone, ensuring the skin remains firmly attached to the bone. In the spaces between these ligaments, however, the skin starts to sag more and more. The well-known dents and lobules start to appear.

Beauty is all about sleek and smooth contours. By using the beautiful and natural volume effect of a filler we can achieve a very effective recovery of uneven contours. A beautiful jaw line provides a more harmonious appearance and your mouth will appear more expressive.

A botulinum-A-neuromodulator (Botox® and Bocouture®) is not commonly used in the jaw line. If there are symptoms of bruxism (chronic teeth grinding), resulting in planing teeth, headache, muscle pain in the neck and shoulder muscles and thickening of the masseter muscle (hypertrophy of the masseter muscle), a neuromodulator may be considered as treatment.

At Pasman Esthetics we are specialized in providing these treatments.

The psychology of an attractive jaw line

Psychological research has showed that we unconsciously associate the shape of the jaw line to certain characteristics of a person. Men are attracted to women with a smooth round jawline. Conversely, women are attracted to men with a strong jaw line. A strong, angular jaw line represents high testosterone levels and exudes power and dominance. A man or woman with a rounded jaw are, on the other hand associated with caring tasks (less testosterone increases the chance that the family is well maintained) and is seen as attractive by both men and women. As we age our face, and therefore the jawline loses face loses its fullness and the structure that we find so appealing to see. A well-defined jawline is thus important for your appearance and the message you want to broadcast. A filler treatment can hereby be of service.

Golfball chin (6)

Excess activity of the calf muscle (muscle Mentalis) can cause a so-called "Golfball chin". While talking or expressing an emotion involuntary contractions of the muscles of the chin cause irregularities or pits in the chin. In some cases a bothersome horizontal fold is created between the lower lip and chin. With 1 or 2 injections of a botulinum-A-neuromodulator (Botox® or Bocouture®) this problem is resolved with results lasting for months. A calm, balanced chin appears more beautiful and provides for a more friendly expression.

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